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Jaguars Depth Chart: Cecil Shorts Listed As Starter


While Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski called quarterback Blaine Gabbert the most improved player on offense from April up until Monday's practice, the most impressive player in my opinion (outside of Rashad Jennings) has been second-year wide receiver Cecil Shorts III. Shorts has even worked his way up into the Jaguars starting lineup with Justin Blackmon missing camp, listed as the team's starting "Z" receiver on the current depth chart.

Shorts comes into the season looking a lot thicker and more powerful than he did last season and despite some occasional frustrating drops, Shorts has solidified his roster position with the work he's put in. He's done a good job getting open and becoming a target for Gabbert and Chad Henne in practice. Shorts has done some nice work on the sideline and working the middle of the field, and may even hold Blackmon from the "Z" receiver position early in the season, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.