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Maurice Jones-Drew Is Madden 13's Best Running Back

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Following the 2011 NFL season in which Maurice Jones-Drew led the league in rushing, the Jaguars running back is going to be the best running back in Madden 13, according to Jon Robinson of Jones-Drew's 97 rating is matched only by Adrian Peterson of the Vikings.

Via Robinson:

From speed and acceleration to juke and spin, MJD not only does everything well in the game, he's among the best in each category. Too bad the rest of the Jags are so bad in "Madden;" this might be the first year in which nobody wants to play as the best back in the game.

Considering the rankings "experts" on Madden have Chad Henne rated as a superior quarterback than Blaine Gabbert with superior arm strength and accuracy, it's not surprising that Robinson says "the Jaguars are so bad."

Madden 13 is slated to be released on August 28.

(h/t to kterr)