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Fred Taylor On Kevin Elliott: 'He’s been pretty solid so far I think.'

Former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor has been hanging out at Jaguars training camp this week, learning the ropes on scouting and coaching first hand, as he's had an interest in getting involved post-NFL career. While out on the field, Taylor was asked about undrafted rookie wide receiver Kevin Elliott, who has has a connection to.

Elliott has been turning heads on the practice field with his play, but he's also dating one of Taylor's sisters.

"I know Kevin pretty well. He's a big kid, strong, really physical, getting better in his development as a receiver, strong hands, catching the ball, real soft, he's a big kid and can establish position pretty well," Taylor said about Elliott. "His deal is special teams. He was a special teams guru back in school, so he has to show up on the special teams tape and that will afford him time to make the team as a receiver. He's been pretty solid so far I think."

It's great that Taylor mentions Elliott's prowess on special teams, because that's likely how he'll make the Jaguars roster if he plans to land on the final 53. Elliott was playing the gunner position that used to be manned by Kassim Osgood in practice.

"I kind of stay away from their relationship and kind of view it from a distance because that's their relationship," Taylor told reporters. "I was once their age and I understand that your college sweetheart isn't going to always be your soul mate or whatever. He's a good kid."