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Culinary Cats! B.Y.O.Bag of Snacks

Taylor Price looks hungry, but these hot snack tips are for Jaguars fans only! ROAR!!!!
Taylor Price looks hungry, but these hot snack tips are for Jaguars fans only! ROAR!!!! Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

As you read this morning, the Jaguars have made improvements to the fan experience at EverBank Field. Of note is the new initiative that allows fans to bring food from out side the stadium, so long as it is unwrapped and placed in an 11" x 11" clear plastic bag, essentially a gallon-size freezer bag. With such a large vessel to carry goodies into the stadium, we here at Big Cat Country called on culinary greats like Guy Fieri and Paula Deen for ideas, but frankly the idea of carrying a gallon ziploc bag full of butter didn't sound appetizing or sanitary. So the culinary mind at Big Cat Country, mine of course, came up with some ideas for you, the Jaguars fan, to enjoy gamedays EverBank Field on the cheap!

  1. Saltine Crackers - Cheap, filling, and satisfying!
  2. Watermelon doused in liquor - The trick is to soak the watermelon so that the liquor will not be too obvious. If you went to college recently, you should be a pro at this.
  3. Meth - Because God help us if Gabbert doesn't get his act together.
  4. Salad mix - It already comes pre-washed! Who says food at the stadium has to be unhealthy?
  5. Popcorn - Why spend $5 on popcorn at the stadium?
  6. Peanuts - Why spend $5 on peanuts at the stadium?
  7. Tacos - Did you know National Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15th and goes through October 15th? Celebrate at the game with tacos in a bag! Muy delicioso!
  8. Gravy - Ever think that sandwich you bought from the vendors was missing something? Bring a bag of gravy! It's considered currency in the Midwest!
  9. Pickles - The sour of the pickles goes great with how SWEET our defense is! Ha! Ha!
  10. Cold Pizza - Cold pizza is awesome!
  11. Lunchables - Why not bring a snack as elementary as our offense?
  12. Vodka Orange Slices - This one takes work. Take a syringe, fill with vodka, and shoot the orange slices up. Voila!
  13. Boiled Shrimp - Help out our local fisherman by buying some Mayport shrimp and bring them to the game! I bet the people in your section will be jealous! Bring enough to share!
  14. Mini Rounds of Stilton Cheese - Bring something that is as offensive to the nose as is our offense on the field!

Remember, keep your snack choices healthy! You don't want to look like this guy because of your health! You want to look like him because of how excited you will be for our team!!!!1! This guy is a true Cardiac Cat!


Be a great Culinary Cat and stay tuned for upcoming tailgate ideas!