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NFL Power Rankings: Jaguars Fall Further Despite Positive Signs

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The Jaguars didn't receive much respect heading into the season, and although they certainly showed strong signs for the future in a 26-23 loss, it still wasn't enough to avoid a drop in most power rankings. Joel Thorman of SB Nation was one analyst to drop the Jaguars in his rankings, although there wasn't much more room to drop as they entered Week 1 as his No. 29 team:

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 29, 0-1): If the Vikings miss that field goal at the end of regulation, then the Jaguars are ranked 24th in our power rankings, like the Vikings are.

While that's nicer than it could have been, I guess, he also mentions the Jaguars in his ranking of the Texans in the No. 4 spot. "We won't learn much about this team with a 20-point victory against Miami. And we won't learn much next week when they travel to Jacksonville."

As has been said before, I seriously doubt there are only two teams in the NFL that are worse than the Jaguars, but until the team proves otherwise, the bottom is where they'll stay. After a defensive collapse and an offensive line failure, No. 30 might be deserved at this point.