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Rashad Jennings Injury: Jaguars RB Not Expected To Play Vs. Texans


Jacksonville Jaguars running back Rashad Jennings got the start against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday in place of Maurice Jones-Drew, but left the game early with a knee injury and is not expected to play on Sunday, according to Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey.

The team is waiting on the results of an MRI on Jennings knee to determine the magnitude of the injury, and we'll also know more based on the status of Jennings in practice on Wednesday. While the Jaguars should be OK running the football with Maurice Jones-Drew should Jennings be unavailable, the team looked as if they had a very nice 1-2 punch against the Vikings with both players available.

The running backs who came in after Jennings were largely ineffective and if Jennings is out for a long period of time, the team could be looking at putting a lot of the work on Maurice Jones-Drew once again.