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Jared Allen Whines About Replacement Refs

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Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen was left off the stat sheet on Sunday, when he was completely shut down by Jacksonville Jaguars left tackle Eugene Monroe.Allen told ESPN however that the replacement referees robbed him of a sack on Sunday. "I moved, but I didn't think I broke the neutral zone before the ball was snapped," Allen told ESPN in an interview.

Allen apparently thinks that he was so fast off the snap, that the officials were just caught off guard and regular officials would know about his "fast first step" and would have allowed him the sack.

"When a guy doesn't move, I think it was his lack of movement - the offensive lineman's - that made it look worse than it was," Allen told ESPN. "I think I've got a rapport with the other refs. They might have given me some leniency and let me get away with a tight call."

Well gee, Jared. What happened on the other 38 passing plays then? Was that because of the replacement refs, too, or did Monroe suddenly learn when to come off the snap to block? Are we even sure Jared Allen played in the game? I don't remember him doing anything aside from jumping offsides and hitting Blaine Gabbert.