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Gary Kubiak: Jaguars Doing 'A Hell Of A Job' Rebuilding


The Jacksonville Jaguars are on what should be the end of a rebuilding effort, if everything goes to plan. Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak has witnessed the better part of the rebuilding effort as a coach in the AFC South and thinks the Jaguars are doing a good job.

"I think they're doing a hell of a job," Kubiak said on a conference call with Jacksonville media on Wednesday. "Obviously they've got a new head coach and some changes on offense. They've been very, very good defensively giving us fits ever since I've been here. They've always had quality special teams.

"Sitting there I am sure they're saying we should be 1-0 with what happened to them last week," Kubiak said. "I think they're like everybody else in this league. They're difficult to handle."

Kubiak is correct in one aspect, most Jaguars fans were sitting there on Sunday saying, "Man, we should be 1-0 right now!"