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Maurice Jones-Drew Denies Report Of $800,000 Fine

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When Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew finally ended his holdout and reported to the Jaguars two weeks ago, it was unsure how much the Jaguars would fine him for holding out, or if they'd even fine him at all. The team could have fined him over $1 million if they chose to enforce the maximum of $30,000 a day per the CBA.

A report surfaced last week that the Jaguars and Jones-Drew had settled on an $800,000 fine and some loss of some of his bonus money, but Jones-Drew denies that was the case.

"Make sure you guys report that was false," the Jaguars running back told reporters.

The real amount of Jones-Drew's fine will obviously never get out, unless someone within the Jaguars organization doesn't value their job or if Jones-Drew just wants to air some dirty laundry. In the long run, it doesn't matter how much he was fined but just that he was fined.