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Rashad Jennings Out Vs. Texans

Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Rashad Jennings is officially out against the Houston Texans on Sunday. Jennings started the Week 1 opener against the Minnesota Vikings but tweaked his knee early and left for the remainder of the game. Jennings had an MRI done earlier in the week, which revealed no serious injury, but the running back has missed all week of practice and will be inactive on Sunday.

Jennings had looked good all through the preseason and even in his early carries against the Vikings, looking as if the Jaguars might have two "starting caliber" running backs they could use in their new offense, but with Jennings now out of the lineup look for Maurice Jones-Drew to once again shoulder the load on offense as he did in Week 1.

I would expect Jones-Drew to be involved in the game plan heavily, not just running the football but also catching the ball out of the backfield to slow down the Texans pass rush.