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Texans Vs. Jaguars 2012: Second Half Game Thread



Figuring out a way to describe the first half of the Jaguars is probably just best put as 'ouch.' With punts on each of the Jaguars' first six possessions, the offense looks as bad as anyone feared when the team announced Herb Taylor would be their starting left guard.

While the defense has looked improved compared to their collapse against the Vikings in Week 1, the constant pressure put on them by the offense and special teams has led to a 242 total yards by the Texans and a 17-0 lead for the divisional opponent.

Divine intervention may be the only thing out there that could pull Blaine Gabbert and the Jaguars offense back in reach at this point. The Jaguars signal-caller has led the offense to just 43 total yards, completing just four of his 11 passes for 13 yards. Maurice Jones-Drew has been directly responsible for 41 of the 43 total yards gained by the Jaguars offense in the first half.