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Blaine Gabbert Injury: Jaguars QB Scheduled For Monday MRI

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Upon leaving the game during the fourth quarter of a 27-7 loss to the Texans, Blaine Gabbert was unceremoniously replaced by Chad Henne in a manner that led most to believe that the second year quarterback had been benched. The team announced it was a thigh injury that led to the replacement and now ProFootballTalk reports that Gabbert will receive an MRI for hamstring and toe injuries on Monday.

Gabbert had a very rough outing against the Texans, completing just seven of his 19 pass attempts for only 53 yards, although he did manage to record a passing touchdown.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said that the injury was a strain, although they weren't yet sure if it was a hamstring problem and that it wasn't worth keeping Gabbert in and risking further injury.

After leaving the game, Gabbert had ice applied to his left thigh, but didn't appear to be in pain and stood on the sideline to watch Chad Henne lead the Jaguars offense in his place.