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Jaguars Set 'Offensive' Records


Games like Sunday are precisely why I don't write anything about the game immediately after it's ended. It becomes too much joy and more often than not just venting frustration. The Jaguars offense on Sunday was a dumpster fire and there's not much more I can use to describe it. Quarterback Blaine Gabbert was off much of the day, the offensive line struggled to hold their blocks against the Houston Texans front, and the Jaguars wide receivers struggled to catch the football and get open.

The Jaguars defense, while it didn't play great, played much better than it did in Week 1 and at times actually got the opposing team's offense off the football field. The Texans clearly came in to exploit the Jaguars deficiency at the linebacker position with play action and short screens.

"Obviously, this is not the way we wanted to start the season at home. It was not a good showing from the very start to the very end," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey told reporters after the game. "We really never gave ourselves a chance to be in that ballgame against a very good football team."

The offense was what really won the day. It was so bad, it set records.

  • The Jaguars set a franchise low for time of possession, with just 16:43.
  • The Jaguars set a franchise low for total yards, with just 117 yards of offense.
  • The Jaguars 52-net passing yards tied for third worst in franchise history.
  • The Jaguars had just 9 first downs, tied for the third lowest in franchise history.
  • The Jaguars didn't convert a third down the entire game, which is only the third time in franchise history that's happened.
  • The Jaguars had just 38 offensive plays. I don't know if that's a record but it's probably close to one.