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Maurice Jones-Drew To End Holdout, According To Source

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Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has been holding out in an effort to get a new contract for the past 38 days, but will end his hold out Sunday and report to the team, according to a source. There was some fear that Jones-Drew was going to continue his holdout until the regular season, but it appears the threat of losing actual game checks was not worth holding out longer for a new deal that wasn't going to be coming.

According to the source, Jones-Drew was not going to report until the preseason was over if he was not going to get a new deal and now that the Jaguars have played their final preseason game, he will now report to the team and get his playbook. Jones-Drew will need to hit the playbook and begin learning the offense and blocking assignments if he wants to be ready for the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings.