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Maurice Jones-Drew Says Jaguars Discussed Contract With Him In October

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During a holdout that lasted from voluntary workouts all the way until after week four of the preseason, Maurice Jones-Drew wasn't very happy about things said by new Jaguars owner Shad Khan. In his Sunday press conference, the three-time Pro Bowl running back said that he was "disappointed" by the comments and "you expect a little more appreciation."

And while appreciation is nice, monetary compensation is more important and is ultimately the reason for Jones-Drew's holdout. Compensation that former Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver was apparently willing to speak to the running back about.

During his press conference, MJD revealed that the team had begun discussing a new contract with him in October when Weaver was still the owner of the team. However, in late November the team was sold to Khan and then came a hiccup in the negotiations. Where Weaver was willing to negotiate, though, Khan made it clear that the Jaguars had no intention of renegotiating his contract and that the running back should honor his current contract.

While Jones-Drew said no promises were broken, he did describe the situation as "unique" and it certainly would serve to explain why the running back would perceive the situation as a good time to holdout from the team in an effort to receive a new contract.