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Mike Mularkey, Gene Smith And Shad Khan Issue Comments On Maurice Jones-Drew

(Updated with Shad Khan's comments)

Maurice Jones-Drew ended his holdout on Sunday after skipping 38 days of training camp and the preseason in hopes of a new contract. Jones-Drew held a press conference to discuss the matter with the media, but the Jaguars issues statements from general manager Gene Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey after the end of the press conference:

Jaguars general manager Gene Smith: "It's great to have Maurice back in the building. He has been a valuable part of this organization, and his presence in the locker room and on the field will make those around him better. We're glad to now have everyone in and working as a team to win football games."

Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey: "I had a really good visit this morning with Maurice and I welcomed him in. It was good to finally speak face-to-face. I can tell he's ready to go, so we'll be working with him to get him up to speed as quickly as possible. It's great to be able to proceed with our preparation for the opener and the season beyond with Maurice as part of the plans."

Jaguars owner Shad Khan: "I am delighted that Maurice is back with the Jaguars. I know Maurice will be very impressed with the winning environment and attitude that Coach Mularkey has created, and I am sure MJD's teammates are fired up to welcome him home. The Jaguars are a better football team today than we were yesterday, and now our entire franchise can move forward together and as one. Nothing more needs to be said. Go Jaguars!"