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Jaguars OC Bob Bratkowski: 'None Of It Was Real Smooth'

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are back on the practice field trying to make sure what happened on Sunday against the Houston Texans never happens again. The Jaguars had one of the worst offensive showings in franchise history.

So, what exactly went wrong? Everything, apparently.

"None of it was real smooth," Jaguars offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski told the media on Thursday. "We had protection issues. We had receivers fall to the ground. We had some misreads. Pretty much everybody had a hand in it. But we've moved on to Indianapolis and forgot about it. We have a 24-hour rule where we haven't thought about it since Monday afternoon."

Hopefully the Jaguars have indeed forgotten about it and are moving on, to a functional offense that doesn't look completely outclassed. The Jaguars should have a better showing against the Indianapolis Colts new 3-4 defense, a matchup that is actually a very good one for the Jaguars offense.