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Jaguars Vs. Colts: Offense Should Pick On Vontae Davis Early

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The Jacksonville Jaguars match up well with the Indianapolis Colts, two teams in pretty similar situations. The Jaguars have always been able to run the football against the Colts, especially with Maurice Jones-Drew, but on Sunday the team might want to pick on Colts cornerback Vontae Davis early in the football game.

The Colts traded a second-round and a conditional pick to the Miami Dolphins for Davis near the end of the preseason, and so far it's been a disaster for the young corner.

So far quarterbacks have a perfect 158.3 rating throwing at Davis through the first two games of the season. He's given up receptions on 10 of 11 targets for a total of 143 yards and two touchdowns. Davis is still learning the Colts brand new 3-4 defense on the fly, so it's not a shock he's struggling, but he's been downright awful so far.

The Jaguars know they'll be able to run the football, so it might do them well to attack with the pass early in the game.