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NFL, referees close to agreement, according to a report

The NFL and the NFLRA are close to an agreement and ending the referee lockout. The regular NFL officials could referee this weekend according to the report.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The NFL could have regular officials on the field to work the games during Week 4 of the 2012 NFL season, according to a report by ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter. Earlier reports suggested that the NFL and NFLRA had met late into the night after a long day on Tuesday, but progress was not made despite the NFLRA conceding on some issues.

The two sides are close to and agreement to end the lockout and to a new deal however, according to the report, so we can get back to complaining about officials and blown calls still, but just not as much. Maybe.

The straw that likely broke the camels back was likely the questionable call in the Monday Night Football matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. The officials ruled than Golden Tate and cornerback M.D. Jennings had simultaneous possession of the football, and by NFL rules is a touchdown. The old "tie goes to the runner."

The call that came at the end of the game, enabling the Seahawks to win hit news nationally and was a black eye on the owners stubbornness on the deal.