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Maurice Jones-Drew trade: Multiple teams offered draft picks, players

The Jacksonville Jaguars were offered "multiple picks and players" in trade offers from "multiple teams" for Maurice Jones-Drew during his holdout, according to Jones-Drew in a radio interview.

Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Running back Maurice Jones-Drew held out of the preseason and training camp for 38 days before reporting to the Jaguars the weekend before the start of the regular season. During the holdout, it was asked over and over if the Jaguars would try to trade Jones-Drew, with the feeling that the team wouldn't budge.

According to Maurice Jones-Drew, the team had offers.

"I came to the realization when multiple teams offered multiple picks and players to trade for me and pretty much the Jaguars wouldn't budge," Jones-Drew told ESPN Radio in Los Angeles. "They weren't going to do anything and I think that was about the last week of the preseason, teams were calling Jacksonville and the Jaguars didn't want to do it. When it comes to that point where they're not allowing you to get compensated for your play and they won't pay you and they won't show you your value you have to come back."

How much of this true is a big question, but it's hard to see teams offering multiple players for one player in a trade, and if they were it's not likely to have been a package of good players.

What kind of drafts picks team's offered as well is a bit questionable. "multiple picks" sounds great, but it could have been something along the lines up two third-round picks or some such.