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ESPN has no idea what Fred Taylor looks like

ESPNU is airing a high school football game featuring Fred Taylor's son, Kelvin Taylor. Unfortunately though, ESPN has no idea what Fred Taylor looks like.


Talk about embarrassing broadcasting. ESPN has no clue what Fred Taylor looks like apparently, as the network continuously has shown two different African-American males on the sideline that are in fact not former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor.

Taylor is at a local high school football game between Yulee and Glades Day, which features two of the top recruits in the country in Fred's son Kelvin Taylor and Yulee running back Derrick Henry.

I mean, is this really hard to figure out? You don't verify these things before you go on air to do this kind of thing and embarrass yourselves? I understand getting it wrong one time, but the total count is up to four times they've shown a person that is not Fred Taylor.

As you can see with the screen grab above (thanks to @GuysGirl), that man is indeed not former NFL running back Fred Taylor.

Good grief ESPN.