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2012 NFL Beer Bible: The Jaguars Are 'Rye Of The Tiger'

Two things that go together really well are NFL football and a nice cold adult beverage. Esquire Magazine has gone and paired each NFL franchise with a local beer, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are paired with a beer I really like and I hope is soon sold in EverBank Field.

The Jaguars are paired with Engine 15 Brewing Company's "Rye Of The Tiger," which is an american pale ale style beer. It's generally served year-round, which means when Engine 15 actually has kegs of it on tap as the beer is brewed in the bar itself. While not quite a rye IPA style beer, it definitely pushes to that style with pine smell and flavor notes, which is typical of a hoppier beer.

Coincidentally enough... Engine 15 is now partnered with the Bold City Brigade as the official spot to watch Jaguars away games and enjoy a nice beverage and a brat.