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Brett Brackett Injury: Jaguars TE Hurts Knee In Practice


Just two days after being claimed by the Jaguars on Saturday, tight end Brett Brackett appeared to suffer a serious knee injury just 30 minutes in to practice on Monday.

Head coach Mike Mularkey, who was near the tight end at the time of the injury, spoke to reporters after practice and told them that the injury seemed serious. "I saw the knee. It didn't look good when he planted."

Brackett was signed as a replacement for oft-injured Zach Miller who was waived/injured on Saturday after suffering an injury just three snaps into his return to the field from injury during the preseason. While it's still early to make a prognosis and guesses about the immediate future for the tight end are purely speculative, there are a number of options for the Jaguars if a replacement player is necessary for Brackett.

Namely, Colin Cloherty, a tight end that spent preseason and some of the 2011 season with the Jaguars could make a return or the team could look to acquire a new tight end like Chris Cooley or Mike Hoomanawanui.