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Jaguars Players Exchange Patches, E-Mails With Army Rangers

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been doing a lot of work in the Jacksonville community and especially with the military. The Jaguars are once again working with the military, this time in a bit of a unique way.

Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey revealed on his Monday evening radio show with Jaguars play-by-play announcer Brian Sexton that the team is pairing with three Army Ranger battalions from Savannah, GA that are stationed in Afghanistan.

The Jaguars will wear a patch with the Ranger's name and have the words "Got Your Back" on their shoulder pads and will also exchange e-mails on a regular basis. The Rangers in return will get a patch with the name of the Jaguars player wearing their patch.

It's not much, but it's a neat little tradition for the team to start with the local military bases, since we all know Jacksonville is a big military town given Mayport and NAS Jacksonville. No word on who the players wearing the patches are yet.