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Adrian Peterson Game Time Decision Vs. Jaguars

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As the Jacksonville Jaguars prepare to take on the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday to open up the 2012 NFL season, the Jaguars may not need to worry too much about Adrian Peterson, as the Vikings running back is expected to be very limited if he even plays at all.

Peterson suffered a devastating knee injury in the final week of the regular season in 2012 and spent the entire offseason rehabbing. Peterson wasn't taken off of the physically unable to perform list until just recently, so his effectiveness of Sunday should be limited. The Jaguars should expect to see plenty of Toby Gerhart lining up in the backfield.

It's not even a sure thing Peterson plays on Sunday, yet.

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Peterson is likely going to be very limited:

Even if Peterson does make it back -- which has been his plan all along -- he'll get "limited exposure" in the game, Frazier said.

"We'll talk about it as the week goes on and see how he's doing and if it's even a viable option to let him play," Frazier said.

Truth be told, even with a healthy Peterson on the field, it's likely the Jaguars defense would be able to somewhat contain who many consider the best running back in football. The Vikings passing attack doesn't scare anyone as it stands right now.