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Jaguars Will Rotate DT's At DE, Due To Injuries

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have dealt with a lot of injuries, mostly on the offensive line, but the defensive end position has also been hit hard, leaving the Jaguars with just three healthy defensive ends for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Due to all of the injuries at the position, the Jaguars will likely carry more defensive tackles than usual and will be rotating in defensive tackles at the defensive end position according to head coach Mike Mularkey before practice on Wednesday.

The three healthy defensive ends are Jeremy Mincey, rookie Andre Branch, and Aaron Morgan. Morgan is more of a pure pass rusher that the team likes to use on passing downs, but rotating in some players like D'Anthony Smith and Tyson Alualu at defensive end should suffice for a week or so. Both are more pass rushing/penetrating defensive tackles and Alualu played defensive end at Cal in their 3-4 defense.