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Madden 13: Jaguars Virtually Beat Down Vikings, 38-10

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The Jacksonville Jaguars went to Minnesota to take on the Vikings in Madden 13, and walked away with a resounding 38-10 victory to start the 2012 regular virtual season 1-0. The Jaguars got off to a quick start on the Vikings, scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter to go up 14-0.

By halftime the Jaguars had built a 21-3 lead and cruised in the second half to win 38-10. Second-year virtual quarterback Blaine Gabbert had easily the best game in his short career, going 17-for-31 for 286 yards and five touchdown passes. Christian Ponder on the other hand struggled, as the Jaguars virtual defense harassed him all game, picking off Ponder three times and was sacked three times.

The virtual Vikings defense did a nice job limiting the Jaguars running game, as virtual Rashad Jennings picked up 73 yards on 18 carries, while Maurice Jones-Drew showed a little virtual rust after his long hold out, rushing for just 56 yards on 19 carries.

Virtual rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon had a quiet regular season debut, catching two passes for just 25 yards. The virtual team's leading receiver was actually Jones-Drew, who caught five passes for 107 yards.