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Jaguars Injury Report: 3 OLineman Leave In Walking Boots

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The Jacksonville Jaguars suffered a heart breaking loss against the Minnesota Vikings in overtime, but the biggest concern comes from injuries on the offensive line. The Jaguars lost both guard Eben Britton and right tackle Cameron Bradfield mid-way through the game, which is coincidentally when the Jaguars offense took a dive off a cliff.

After the game guard Uche Nwaneri, who left for a few plays with an injury of his own, was seen in the locker room with a boot on his foot, with Britton and Bradfield wearing boots as well. The Jaguars will have a real issue on their hands if these three players are lost for any significant about of time (i.e., next week) as the protection in the passing game was a massive problem when those players left.

The Jaguars don't have many options, depth wise, now that season has started. Gabbert was harassed the rest of the game with Guy Whimper at right tackle. Undrafted rookie center Mike Brewster played admirably at the guard position, but still struggled with protection at times. If the team wants any shot at all against the Houston Texans, they will need to get healthy... fast.