Heed the Warnings

Time on deck is 1939. I am past the recommended time constraints to consult my doctor for an erection lasting over four hours. I have done everything possible. I have taken cold showers. I have shocked myself with an stripped wire. I have repeatedly accosted myself with a broom handle in an area typically reserved for private time. Nothing will take away the erection that was originated by the words "even if he's released." Now, could there be wiggle room? Maybe. Could their be a way for Tebow to eventually join the Jaguars in some way? Yes. Unequivocally yes. How can this happen, you ask. Easy. The Bold City Brigade has said and let it be known that they will accept any Jaguar fan. Tim Tebow is more than welcome to join their ranks. I could see Tim sitting shirtless in the rain sipping an Engine 15 from a #becauseJaguars mug and talking about his missions trips to the far east. It would be adorable.

David Caldwell entered into the Jaguar's life with a reckless abandon. My Uncle, there isnt many that I would call my Uncle, came out with guns ablazin. I was sitting there diamond as all hell. Bring April. Bring September. Bring the Lombardi. We are Jaguars and we are going to be flat out electric.

That being said, hey Dave. Press play, my ninja.

Silk - Freak Me (via MrTriker100)

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