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Jaguars should sign Tim Tebow

Tebow should be given the chance he deserves


Yesterday, incoming Jaguars general manager David Caldwell remarked to a flabbergasted and saddened press corps that he "...can't imagine a scenario where Tim Tebow would be a Jacksonville Jaguar." A stunned Sam Kouvaris, who nearly guaranteed that Tebow was going to be a Jaguar, was heard to exclaim, "Can you say that again?" Confidently, Caldwell repeated that he did not see a scenario where Tim Tebow would wear the teal and black. It is sad to say not even a week into his tenure that David 'Dave' Caldwell is a failure as a general manager in the National Football League.

How could one say that one could not imagine a scenario where Tim Tebow would be a Jaguar? Truly one could imagine a resplendent Tebow, bathed in sweat, rolling out of the pocket, throwing a touchdown pass to an open Justin Blackmon, and kneeing in respect afterwards, fingers pointed to the sky. Or can Caldwell imagine a glowing Tebow running through a hole created by Eugene Monroe into the end zone, scoring yet another touchdown, and then chomping his arms up and down, mimicking the jaws of a Jaguar. Truly Dave Caldwell could imagine these scenarios...

It is absolutely infuriating to imagine that Tim Tebow would, dare I say COULD, fail in Jacksonville! Tim Tebow is a winner. He won in high school, leading Nease to a state championship and breaking records along the way! He won in college at Florida with the help of Billy Latsko and Chris Leak and Percy Harvin and other highly-touted recruits twice, leading the Gators, who had never accomplished anything prior, to college football dominance! He won in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, the highest level of football, leading the Denver Broncos to a thrilling overtime win Denver.

However, Tebow, like many greats, was beset with setbacks. After being shunned for Peyton Manning, Tebow went to the decadent streets of New York to ply his trade for the Jets. However, under the regime of the incorrigible Rex Ryan, Tebow was shunned, placed in the proverbial holster as heartthrob Mark Sanchez was given chance after painful chance. When Tebow was finally given a chance, he was hampered by the schemes of Tony Sporano. Eventually, suffered the worst indignity of them all. He was passed over and Greg McElroy started instead. Tebow needs a fresh start.

Tim Tebow needs to come home. He needs to come to Jacksonville and be given a chance. Truly he would put some butts in seats and bring our troubled city together. Tebow is Jacksonville. Jacksonville is Tebow. Dave Caldwell needs to use his imagination and imagine a scenario where Tebow is a Jaguar before the Jaguars move to London.