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Jaguars news and rumors

Some Jacksonville Jaguars news from around the internet you may have missed.Some Jacksonville Jaguars news from around the internet you may have missed.

Jaguars' new GM is young, but he's ready |

Just as he had an answer ready for the inevitable Tim Tebow question on Thursday, new Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell was prepared when asked at what point he was ready to run an NFL front office. The difference: His prepared-for-the-job response was schtick. "Probably since 1996 when I was a scouting assistant in Carolina," Caldwell, 38, said with a laugh.

Jaguars' search plan for next coach: Is it wait-and-see? |

Part I of his off-season remodeling complete with the hiring of general manager Dave Caldwell on Tuesday, Jaguars owner Shad Khan has now shifted into a support-and-observe role. The Jaguars’ current power structure will have the new coach reporting to Caldwell, who will answer to Khan. The hope is the set-up keeps the lines of communication between the coaching staff and personnel department open. That means Caldwell is leading the search for a new head coach, the Jaguars’ second in as many years. But is a great hire possible?

Gene Frenette: How many years will Jaguars' new GM need? |

The question becomes this: how much time is reasonable for general manager Dave Caldwell and whoever he hires as head coach to turn this moribund franchise around?

Jaguars HC Search: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover - Black and Teal - A Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.

As I look around at the Jacksonville Jaguars head coaching candidates, I keep trying to infer the possible success of the Jaguars based on the statistics of the coaches. Do we rule out coaches that don’t have a top 10 defense or offense? What do we do with special teams coaches? Are we focusing on past head coaching experience? What about passing offense, do we want to focus on that over the run? These are all questions that run through my head whenever names like Jay Gruden, Mike McCoy, and Brian Schottenheimer are thrown out. Despite having Greg Roman as the supposed "top candidate" we Jags fans are ultimately in the dark. We simply don’t know if Caldwell wants a defensive coordinator, a special teams coordinator, or an offensive coordinator or whether that person has to have a track record of success.

What we learned...

Here's what we learned from new Jacksonville Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell's introductory press conference Thursday 1. Caldwell has guts. You knew he had the resume. He had the pedigree. He had the backing of good football people such as Bill Polian and Thomas Dimitroff. But could he lead? Could he make decisions? On his first day at EverBank Field, he dismissed former Head Coach Mike Mularkey and ended the speculation about Tim Tebow. Yes, he can make decisions.