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Jaguars coaching search has no timetable, according to David Caldwell

Jaguars general manager David Caldwell could take his time deciding on the new head coach of Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Jaguars/Rick Wilson

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had plenty of names come across the newswire related to their head coaching position, but it doesn't seem like new general manager David Caldwell is in any kind of hurry.

"I don’t have any kind of timetable," Caldwell told reporters in his introductory press conference last week. "There are teams that are still playing right now. There are teams that aren’t playing right now and we will start interviewing coaches from their staffs right away. When we find the right person we will know."

The rumors currently are that San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, who put on a show against the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round, is the favorite to land the job. Unfortunately for Caldwell however, the Jaguars can't even interview Roman until the week after Championship Weekend and can't hire Roman until after the Super Bowl.

It's not super important that Caldwell have a staff put together for the Senior Bowl, which is next week, as the scouts generally do most of the work there. With waiting however, Caldwell runs the risk on missing out on some candidates if Roman decides he doesn't want the position.