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Jaguars GM David Caldwell turned down Jets offer

David Caldwell reportedly turned down a lucrative offer from the New York Jets.

Jacksonville Jaguars/Rick Wilson

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced David Caldwell as their new general manager last week, after interviewing him three separate times for the position. The New York Jets were also interested in Caldwell as their general manager, even interviewing him two separate times, the second time a few days before he was hired by the Jaguars.

According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, Caldwell left a nice bonus from the Jets on the table:

Included in the New York Jets' contract package being prepared for David Caldwell last Monday -- the day the club gave him a tour of the area and was wooing him to be the team's next general manager -- was a $1 million housing allowance.

In the annals of Perks Given to NFL General Managers, I would say that takes the cake.

I'm not sure if the fact that Caldwell turned down the Jets offer speaks more to the status of the Jets job or the status of the Jaguars job, but that's a pretty big deal even for New York. I think it speaks volumes about Jaguars owner Shad Khan however, and what he's trying to build going forward.