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NFL Free Agency 2013: Derek Cox could be Jaguars priority now

New Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley seems to like tall physical corners.

Sam Greenwood

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a handful of impending free agents, including some on the defensive side of the football. One player in particular might have a much better shot of being re-signed now that the Jaguars have hired head coach Gus Bradley, cornerback Derek Cox.

With the Seattle Seahawks, Bradley seemed to prefer to use bigger physical cornerbacks, with both Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner being over 6'2" tall. Derek Cox at 6'1" would seem to fit right into that mold that Bradley utilized on defense with the Seahawks.

The biggest question for the Jaguars is how much to pay Cox in the offseason, as he's struggled to stay on the football field and constantly injured. It's possible the Jaguars could bring him back at a cheaper rate under the new regime, as Cox has done better in the past in press man coverage, which is something Bradley did a lot of with the Seahawks defense.