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Jaguars HC Gus Bradley completely different that Mike Mularkey

The Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley was introduced to the media on Friday.


It didn't take long during the introductory press conference of new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley to figure out why he was the man for the job. Right out of the gate you could tell that Bradley is full of passion an energy, he just exudes it.

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From his opening statement to the final question he answered, Bradley held your attention. He was an engaging speaker and it's easy to see why his former players loved playing for him so much. It was completely different than the feeling around Mike Mularkey's introductory press conference a year ago.

"My whole hope is to be genuine. That’s it. I think the players they see through," Bradley told reporters when he was asked about being a "players coach." "They know who you are. To me, I just want to be me. We talked about during the whole head coach search. I love coaching football, I love helping players get better, coaches getting better, and I think for my role right now I had a great opportunity to lead 30 guys up in Seattle. What I am mostly excited about is to lead 80 guys. I love that opportunity to be a part of leading this team and try to maximize everybody. Not only the players but the coaches, and let’s do it better than it’s ever been done before.

"That’s really how I’ve always approached things, and that fit right into the philosophy that both Dave and Shad want."

Not to pile on, but going from Wayne Weaver, Mike Mularkey, and Gene Smith to the likes of Shad Khan, Gus Bradley, and David Caldwell is a complete 180 degree transition in energy level. Mularkey and Smith talked about passion and the like quite a bit, but they never lived it.

"Get better," Bradley said of his philosophy as a coach. "Everything we do to compete and do it better than it’s ever been done before and let’s see where it takes us now. If we do that I like our chances."

Bradley lives it. He's a ball of energy.

Will that translate to the football field and into wins?

That remains to be seen.

For now however, everything is different. It's new again.