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Mike Mularkey being retained as head coach would be 'very surprising'

In his first season with the team, Mularkey's Jaguars finished 2-14.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

When the Jaguars hire a new general manager to replace the vacancy left by the firing Gene Smith, the new personnel executive will likely want to bring their own coach to replace Mike Mularkey, according to Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

O'Halloran spoke with fans in a live chat on on Wednesday and answered several questions, including one in which he said he would "be very surprised" if Mularkey is retained as head coach. That sentiment was shared by Gene Frenette of the Times-Union who said on Twitter that he'd be "shocked" by a decision to keep Mularkey.

In his first season with the Jaguars, Mularkey led the team to a 2-14 record and was reportedly not the most popular person in the locker room. The decision to replace him as head coach has been said to be the decision of a new general manager.

Shahid Khan has interviewed Dave Caldwell and Tom Gamble so far for the GM position and is set to interview Steve Keim as well.