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Jaguars will have a 4-3 defense in 2013, says DC Bob Babich

The Jaguars will stick with the 4-3, although it is expected that the defense will look different than in years past.

Marc Serota

Despite speculation earlier in the offseason of a potential scheme change, the new defensive coordinator of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bob Babich, confirmed what many already suspected upon the hiring of Gus Bradley, the team will stay in the 4-3 for the 2013 season, he told Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union and other media members at the 2013 Senior Bowl.

Bradley said during a live chat on that he plans to incorporate the Leo position that he used in Seattle, so the Jaguars defense likely will not look exactly like the one that the team has used in recent years, though.

For a better idea of the type of defense the Jaguars are likely to use, be sure to read Eric Stoner's breakdown of Seattle's 4-3 defense and the use of the Leo position.

The Jaguars finished the season with the NFL's No. 30 defense and ranked last in the NFL in sacks. Finding a premier pass rusher is expected to be one of the top priorities of the team in the offseason.