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NFL Draft 2013: Jaguars will draft for need, says David Caldwell

Under David Caldwell, it appears the Jaguars will be drafting for need in the early rounds.


The Jacksonville Jaguars under Gene Smith always hammered drafting the "best available player" (BAP) in the NFL Draft as their philosophy, but that rarely actually wound up being the case. Jaguars new general manager David Caldwell has a different philosophy however, drafting for your team's biggest need.

"We're going to be a needs-based team," Caldwell told John Oehser of at the 2013 Senior Bowl. "If comparable, we'll go with the greater need.

"As long as you have a need in the first round, you try to get the best available player to fill that need."

This shouldn't be a shock for most people, because this is what teams generally wind up doing, despite their lip service to the public and media. The idea of "BAP" is nice in theory, but rarely is it actually applied in the early rounds of the NFL Draft.

Caldwell indicated to Oehser that he's more inclined to lean towards drafting for need in the early rounds of the draft, then applying the "best available player" philosophy in the later rounds, which he should.

So, I would guess you can go ahead and pencil in quarterback, defensive end, and cornerback in some kind of order for the Jaguars first three picks. Those are by far the biggest needs.