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Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan Wins...At Life

After building himself from nothing and then forging a now multi-billion dollar company (Flex-N-Gate), Jaguars owner Shahid Khan took on a new task: fixing a bottom-dwelling NFL team.


We've all read the background of Jaguars owner Shahid Khan. We know of his humble upbringing, followed much later by his rise to the financial top. Could anyone reasonably question this man's ability to build something from the ashes after doing it with himself?

Although it's frustrating to read, the Jaguars are, in fact, a bottom-dwelling NFL team. Unfortunately, this is time proven and not an opinion from a certain fullback that no one has any current interest in...

The Jaguars face an uphill battle and are not a team that struts into the off-season supporting claims that they are one successful off-season away from the playoffs. This team is, most likely, at minimum a two-year project.

I know the Colts rode from the 1st overall pick into the playoffs, but that is the anomaly and not the expectation.

Khan seems to have hired the right man for GM--Dave Caldwell. Caldwell has all the requirements that you would want in a GM: person-ability for the "Fence-Fans", directness for the media, and a fantastic background in scouting, as well as winning.

Caldwell took a great first step in addressing "The Tebow". Then Caldwell went and hired Gus Bradley and that looks like a winning move. Bradley comes across as energetic and relatable. Combine that with the "Do Your Job" sideline speech and we see this guy has a side that you don't cross.

The most important characteristic about Bradley may be his ability to inspire. I think we'll see that Bradley instills belief more than any coach in Jaguars history--and Del Rio (for a time) had that ability so well that it came across in interviews.

I want to applaud all Jaguars fans, especially the crowd reading this website. You are the true fans and I, along with all the other writers of the site, appreciate you. We are in the times dealing with the forgettable years of this franchise and there seems to be a large amount of J-ville fans proud to take advantage of an opportunity to prove their loyalty. Well, done!

I met a guy from Jacksonville yesterday that asked me why I was a Jags fan. I told him that they were my team and there was no option to root for another team. He said he was waiting but he was a Broncos fan for now.....that's disgusting to me. Regardless, I feel that the proper people are in place to fix the franchise and help that delusional individual change his mind.

Khan just set the foundation for success in Jacksonville. These moves are his moves, our football life will get better because Khan really does win at life.

Go Jags!