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NFL Draft 2013: Jaguars GM David Caldwell won't rule out quarterback

Taking an annual swing until you hit at quarterback is something that David Caldwell thinks is a solid draft strategy.


The Jaguars are certainly in need of a franchise quarterback, and while some would argue that Blaine Gabbert hasn't definitively proven he can't be that person, he certainly hasn't proven that he will be. However, the 2013 NFL Draft doesn't appear to be the right draft to have a big need at the position as it doesn't have the top quarterback prospects that the 2012 NFL Draft did.

General manager David Caldwell isn't ruling out the possibility that a quarterback could be the second overall selection, though, according to Pro Football Weekly:

"You never know. You've got to go through the process. We'll see. Maybe one identifies himself for us. It's too early. Sometimes it may not look like there's a quarterback now and you go through the process and you find a guy,'' Caldwell said.

While West Virginia's Geno Smith is considered by most to be the top quarterback in the draft class, the opinions on him are certainly mixed and he has been mocked to go anywhere from first overall to out of the first round altogether. For the Jaguars to get a chance to take him with the No. 2 selection, the very QB-needy Kansas City Chiefs would have to decide that he isn't worth the top pick.

But as I suggested in late 2012, one potential way to address a quarterback need is to continuously swing at the position in the draft until you find your franchise guy. A philosophy that Caldwell apparently shares:

When he was asked if he thinks a team should draft a quarterback every year until it hits on one, he said, "I don't disagree with that. You look at where your team is and what your needs are. We are a needs-based (drafting) team. To take a quarterback and see if you can develop him is a good philosophy.''

The Jaguars did not draft a single quarterback between 2003 and 2011, taking Byron Leftwich and Blaine Gabbert in those two years, respectively.