The LEO Dilemma

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure that upon reading Eric Stoner's article about Gus Bradley's defense scheme and the LEO position we were all excited about the future of the Jaguars' defense. And rightfully so. I'm also sure it led one to think "Who will play this position?" or "Do we have the players to play this scheme?" or other such questions.

I don't care about any of that.

My problem is this: How can we name a featured position on our new and improved defense after a big cat that is not a jaguar? It would be blasphemy! There has to be something better. Something equally imposing, but not disparaging to our namesake.

And to this I offer: The JAEGER position.

The word "jaeger" is derived from the German word Jäger, meaning "hunter". It is also the name for specific species of Skua. The skuas are a group of seabirds with about seven species forming the family Stercorariidae and the genus Stercorarius. The skua is also one of two birds (the other being the osprey) referred to when using the word "seahawk".

Full circle

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