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NFL Draft 2013: Sanders Commings scouting report

Video cut up of Georgia CB Sanders Commings against Alabama (2012) courtesy of

The Jacksonville Jaguars have quite a few needs in the 2013 NFL Draft, which means for the most part their options are wide open as far as who they should pick. The next player we're going to look at is a big defensive back who should fit right in on Gus Bradley's defense if he runs the same style of defense he did in Seattle, Georgia's Sanders Commings.

Position CB School Georgia
Height 6' Weight 216 lbs.
Class Senior 40-time 4.41
NFL Comparison --- Projection Mid-rounds

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The first thing you notice with Commings is he's massive for a cornerback. At 223 pounds, he's almost the size of a big strong safety or a small linebacker, but he has fluid enough hips to turn and run with wide receivers. Commings biggest asset is his ability to play press coverage, as you can see in the video against Alabama. When Commings is on press coverage he does a nice job jamming the receiver and redirecting him.

The biggest concern with Commings however is his top end speed and if he'll be able to open his hips and run down the field with the smaller faster wide receivers, especially on double moves. He uses his hands a lot downfield too, so in the NFL he's going to have to think about getting defensive holding calls, but his physical nature is something Bradley and Caldwell might look for in their defensive scheme.

Commings played a lot of man coverage with the Bulldogs, often in press. He also played inside at times like a third safety, which is where some will project him to fit in the NFL. Teams that run a lot of press man coverage on the outside however, like the Seattle Seahawks and potentially the Jacksonville Jaguars under Gus Bradley, he could be a fit at the outside corner position.

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Another positive for Commings is he's versatile enough to where it's possible he can make the transition inside and play nickelback or the free safety position, but again he does well in press man coverage, which is likely what the Jaguars will be looking for going forward.

Commings plays the ball well in the air, especially on the shorter routes and does a good job anticipating quick throws and knocking them down, especially on back-shoulder fades and out routes. Against the run Commings is adequate, but you'd like to see a corner of his size get his nose in there more than he does. He will tackle the ball carrier, usually going low and taking out the legs. He needs to do a better job of wrapping guys up, especially running backs.

As it stands right now, Commings projects to be a mid-round pick come April for the 2013 NFL Draft.