Late Round Prospects I am Very High On

On Twitter today, Alfie made some remark about the Jaguars perhaps targeting not highly sought after prospects that possess a specific skillset, and he named TJ McDonald as an example. That got me to thinking that there are some guys in the draft this year that do not really seem to be highly graded, and yet who I really like and think can easily outproduce their projected draft spot once they reach the NFL.

As it turns out, you may highly disagree with the draft projections I have on these players, but I looked around the web to see if other people agreed with me on these guys being late rounders or perhaps even undrafted.

  1. Kyle Juszczyk (FB Harvard) - Well before his solid performance this week at the Senior Bowl, I have been really intrigued by this guy. I like his ability to both block and catch balls out of the backfield. I see him as an H-Back type and I think that in particular with this Jaguar team and Greg Jones being a free agent, Juszczyk could make an intriguing selection in the 7th round(where I see most projections on him) or should he fall further, as a UDFA.
  2. Micah Hyde (CB Iowa) - Ever since he was on my radar in the early stages of my 2012 NFL Draft preparation, I have like Hyde. From what I am seeing, the 6'+ cornerback is being projected everywhere from 2nd-3rd (Walterfootball) which I think might be a bit high for reality, all the way down to the 6th (CBSSports). Personally, I think the talent at CB this year being what it is, he ends up a late rounder. In my mind he fits what Alfie said about a guy with a specific skillset that could fit well with this team.
  3. Miguel Maysonet (RB Stony Brook) - I like late round RBs and I like local guys. Seeing as he went to school no more than a 90 minute trip from my house and that he plays RB, Maysonet immediately stands out. When I actually went ahead and looked at him as a player, I liked what I saw.
  4. D.C. Jefferson (TE Rutgers) - While his hometown is in Florida, the fact that he went to Rutgers got him on my radar pretty quickly. I really like Jefferson and was hoping he could find his way to a better draft grade. As of right now, he is getting a UDFA grade just about everywhere I look, and it upsets me because I really think he is a very draftable player. He is 6'6 and like 245, and used to play QB. He is definitely a work in progress, but from everything I have seen out of him, I would think that if given some time, he can become a very good NFL player.

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