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Free agency 2013: Chiefs decisions will affect Jaguars draft

The Chiefs decision to address Branden Albert's expiring contract will be one factor addressing the Jaguars' first pick.

Peter Aiken

Whether or not most mock drafters have come to terms with it or not, the Kansas City Chiefs seem likely to take a quarterback with the No. 1 overall selection of the 2013 NFL Draft and it seems likely that quarterback will be West Virginia's Geno Smith.

With three months still remaining until the draft, plenty can change and plenty will; however, Smith has appeared to have distanced himself from the rest of the quarterbacks in the draft class without actually taking a snap since the Pinstripe Bowl.

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What could dissuade the Chiefs from pulling the trigger on Smith? How about another Smith? Alex Smith.

While we've discussed the possibilities of Alex Smith donning a Jaguars uniform, a better scenario for the game-manager-type of quarterback would be a team with some pieces already in place. After all, Smith struggled in San Francisco until the team established itself as a top 10 team in both defense and running the ball. His job was to stay efficient, not throw interceptions and not screw it up.

That could be an attractive option for the Chiefs, a team that turned the ball over 15 times in the first four games of the season. Had it not been for the atrocity that was the quarterback position in Kansas City, there was a decent amount of talent for the team to win some football games.

Perhaps just as important will be the Chiefs decision to re-sign Branden Albert or let the left tackle reach free agency. Taking a look through mock drafts throughout the Internet, if it isn't Geno Smith first overall it's Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel. But Joeckel wouldn't make sense in April for a team that re-signs their left tackle in March.

Unfortunately, we'll likely have to wait until March 12, the beginning of the NFL free agency period, to see what the Chiefs plans are, but I know what I'm hoping for: Alex Smith in a Chiefs jersey.