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NFL Draft 2013: Micah Hyde scouting report

Video cut up of Iowa CB Micah Hyde against Penn State and Michigan State (2012) courtesy of

The Jacksonville Jaguars have quite a few needs in the 2013 NFL Draft, which means for the most part their options are wide open as far as who they should pick. The next player were going to look at is Iowa defensive back Micah Hyde, who has experience at multiple positions in the defensive backfield.

Position CB/S School Iowa
Height 6' Weight 195 lbs.
Class Senior 40-time ---
NFL Comparison Leonard Johnson Projection Mid-Late Rounds

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Iowa cornerback Micah Hyde played all four seasons of his college career with the Hawkeyes, playing both the cornerback position and the free safety position. He's a bigger, physical corner at 6 feet tall and around 200 pounds that isn't afraid to mix it up with receivers or running backs. He's played in man coverage, zone coverage, press coverage, and off coverage in a variety of defenses based out of the 4-3 alignment, typically with safety help over the top.

As we get close to the draft, the biggest question for Hyde will be his top-end speed at the next level, as he's not really a speedster at the position, but rather shadows his receiver after delivering a punch at the line of scrimmage or turning out of his pedal when playing off coverage. Hyde is the type of corner who is probably going to need help over the top, even if he's in man coverage but can still cover a good portion of the field.

While Hyde isn't the corner who's over 6'1" that's typically affiliated with Bradley and the Seahawks, he's just as physical as they look for in the position. Hyde is a willing run defender who knows how to hold the edge and play contain when necessary and isn't afraid to lay a hit on the ball carrier. Hyde does have a tendency to tackle with his shoulder however, rather than wrapping up a defender so that will be something for him to work on at the next level.

Hyde's biggest strength is going to be his versatility in the defensive backfield. He's not limited to just one side of the field as a corner, having played both sides for the Hawkeyes. He's also played quite a bit inside as the nickel corner in press coverage and has filled in and cross-trained at the free safety position. A lot of teams now look for defensive backs who can do multiple things and Hyde seems to fit that mold.

Hyde also tracks the ball well when it's in the air and does a good job positioning himself on the play to make a play on the football. He does tend to get a bit "grabby" on double moves, but he knows the little tricks to slow down receivers to make up for his lack of top end speed. He does it especially well on deeper routes getting himself in position to swat the football away and make the catch difficult for the receiver.

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Hyde opens his hips well when turning to run, but does his best work when he's allowed to press the receiver and jam at the line of scrimmage. He may find his niche with teams as a third corner playing the nickel role or even as a third safety-type player on passing downs. Hyde's best fit at the next level will either be as a press corner or in a Cover-3 scheme where he's allowed to play down hill in zone coverage and keep his eyes in the backfield. He also offers some ability returning punts, so he can also contribute on special teams which is key for later round draft picks.