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2013 NFL Draft: Jaguars should 'date' a QB, not marry one

The Jacksonville Jaguars will need to do something at the quarterback position in 2013, so they should simply "date" one in the draft.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will need to do something to address the quarterback position in the 2013 NFL Draft. The problem with having the No. 2 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft however is the quarterback class is very muddled. The general feeling currently is the Kansas City Chiefs will draft Geno Smith with the first overall pick, leaving a grouping of quarterbacks who could wind up ranked five different ways if you ask five different people.

It's going to be hard for the Jaguars new general manager, whoever it may be, to marry himself to a quarterback in a class like this. To borrow from something Eric Stoner was speaking about on Twitter last week, the Jaguars should "date" a quarterback in the 2013 draft class, not marry one.

When you draft a quarterback in the first round, particularly in the Top 10, you're married to that guy. If he's a success, you're a success. If he's a failure, you're a failure (typically). That's how general managers and talent evaluators cut their checks, on the quarterback.

The Jaguars can pick up a potential elite level pass rusher in the NFL draft this year, and while they really won't go anywhere until they get a quarterback, with having the No. 33 overall pick in the draft they could potentially "date" a player for a bit in the second round.

I've written in the past, and still believe, that finding a quarterback beyond the first round that is a successful starter is tough. Lately however there as been a bit of a trend in finding players beyond the first round. While I don't believe it's a trend that will continue, I do think the 2013 draft is a perfect draft to take that chance and hope a talented guy is available at the top of the second round.

You can bring in a guy who can compete to start immediately, but you're not investing that "marriage" pick to the player in class. You're also leaving yourself room to potentially pick another quarterback in the next draft if you happen to be picking in the Top 10 again, because you're simply dating No. 33 and not marrying No. 2.

The free agent class and trade market is just as sketchy as the possible quarterbacks available at No .2, so teams looking to address quarterback are going to find themselves in tough spots in 2013.