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Jaguars GM rumors: David Caldwell or Steve Keim set to be hired

The Jaguars could be set to hire David Caldwell OR Steve Keim as their new general manager.

The Jacksonville Jaguars met with Atlanta Falcons director of player personnel David Caldwell for a third time on Monday and have also been linked with Arizona Cardinals scouting director Steve Keim, but it looks like the team is set to hire one of them soon.

Now, to put on my logic hat and play connect the dots, it would seem that David Caldwell is the logical connection for the new Jaguars general manager position. Caldwell has met with the team three separate times now and likely wants his own head coach in place. If he's choosing between the Jaguars and the Jets, it would seem the Jaguars is the best spot for that to happen.

On the Keim side, he's been sitting in on the coaching interviews with the Cardinals which would lean towards him being promoted to be the Cardinals general manager.