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Dave Caldwell rumors: Rex Ryan could be sticking point for prospective Jets GM

A new general manager of the Jets will have to take the job with Rex Ryan as his head coach, Woody Johnson says.

Nick Laham

On Tuesday, the Jets finally had their season-ending press conference and New York Jets owner Woody Johnson told reporters that one stipulation he has for his general manager search is that the team must continue with Rex Ryan as its head coach.

With Falcons Director of Player Personnel Dave Caldwell reportedly set to choose between the Jets and Jaguars that may be one stipulation too many for the Jets. The Jaguars presumably offer a job that doesn't have any restrictions for Caldwell or a general manager as Shahid Khan is seemingly ok with the idea of parting ways with Mike Mularkey if a new GM wishes to do so.

Ryan is certainly not someone that everyone always agrees with and after four seasons with the team, Caldwell may be wary to attach his name to Ryan and the circus that has become the Jets. A new GM in New York will also have the task of dealing with the quarterback mess controversy that is Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. All of this is good news for the Jaguars who appear to be the other potential choice for Caldwell.

The 2012 season was Ryan's first losing season since joining the Jets, as they have fallen from the No. 1 scoring defense in 2009 to the No. 20 unit in 2011 and 2012.