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Jaguars GM rumors: Dave Caldwell believed to get the job

Caldwell is not yet the Jaguars GM, but Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports thinks that'll be the case soon.


Although a tweet from Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports originally appeared to indicate that he was reporting that the Jaguars had hired Falcons Director of Player Personnel, Dave Caldwell, a subsequent tweet clarified that it was not a report, but a "strong prediction."

Silver assured Jaguars fans via Twitter, though, to stay tuned for the official news and that "it'll happen." Regardless, BCC would like to apologize to readers for making the announcement of a report of a hiring.

Caldwell has been considered one of two candidates for the general manager position, but following the promotion of Steve Keim to the general manager position for the Arizona Cardinals, Caldwell would appear to be Shahid Khan's first choice for the job.

It would also appear to be the likely conclusion to the general manager search as many media members, including Silver, have indicated that Caldwell is the most likely GM hire for the Jaguars.