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Jaguars fans react to Dave Caldwell hiring

The Tuesday hiring of Dave Caldwell as general manager drew an overwhelmingly positive reaction from Jaguars fans.


During the process of hiring a new general manager, the Jaguars had eventually narrowed their search to a pair of candidates: Steve Keim of the Cardinals and Dave Caldwell of the Falcons. Perhaps with the exception of Tom Gamble early in the GM search, Caldwell eventually became the favorite of most fans to earn the position and many assumed he would upon a third interview.

With the report that he had been officially hired, the Jaguars Twitter-verse reacted and it was overwhelming positive. Here is a sample of some of Tuesday's reactions:

Also chiming in on Tuesday was @ap575, a Falcons fan and writer on with BCC contributor, Eric Stoner. He provided a series of tweets breaking down what information he knows about Caldwell and what Jaguars fans can expect from the former Falcons executive. Among them: